Resin basics

Resin 101 basics for beginners

Resin coating 101. A complete resin for beginners lesson on how to safely and successfully use resin to clear coat some painted tiles and use them for coasters. Full video tutorial.

If you’ve never used resin before, then it’s easiest to just start with clear resin and use it to coat, protect and enhance another project. In this video I’m taking you through all of the basics of safely using resin to clear coat some painted tiles which I will use as coasters. It’s a complete resin for beginners class.

You can get see a photo list of all the materials you need, and the ones I mention in the video on my Kit page here – Resin clear coating for beginners (materials)


This was the process from start to finish:

  1. The tiles had been cleaned with alcohol
  2. A design added with acrylic pour painting
  3. Then the design had been added with texture paste colored black, and a stencil
  4. had a coat of Glamour Dust for extra sparkle (read more about that and see a video of the sparkles here.
  5. Then the resin was added – see video below
  6. and lastly, they had a cork backing and I have a video of the process for this too. Make sure you get the right cork that is nice and supple and doesn’t crumble – video here.

Get all the supplies you need for this project here –>


This is all about how to use resin, and how to use it safely and successfully if it’s your first time. Nothing to be scared of. It’s easier than you might think. Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Resin 101 basics for beginners”

  1. Hi Deby. I was wondering, do you offer a video class on the tiles? Coloring and stenciling? I don’t stencil bit I’d like to learn. And I like your teaching style.


    1. Yes both would be useful, although many resin artists will use one or the other depending on the type of work and the scale of the work too. I only make small pieces so I find the small chefs torch to be handy for popping bubbles.


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