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Resin yellowing UV resistance testing results

Which brands of resin will yellow over time and which won’t? Which resin has the best UV resistance? How long does it take a resin to go yellow? Often in our Facebook group the question is asked about which is the ‘best’ resin. Well, for one, how you do determine the criteria for ‘best’. Best overall? Best price? Best value? Best for casting? etc. There are so many criteria you could measure. For me, yellowing and UV resistance is one of the most important factors. I don’t want to make a beautiful piece of artwork only for it to go yellow within a few weeks or months. I want those resin colors to stay exactly as I poured them.


I think this is one often overlooked area when people recommend resin brands, because its often not immediately noticeable. It may not even be that noticeable if you make several pieces and hang them in your home for a few months. If it starts to go slightly yellow, unless there is something pure white next to it which doesn’t change, you might not even see any difference until it becomes really obvious.

I did a comparison of 4 popular brands of resin that I had on hand. I poured the exact same amount of each into the same mold to make 4 identical pieces. Each was numbered and then left in the sun. I’ll show in the video what happened after 5 days, 14 days and 1 month. The results are quite shocking I think!

Here is a good visual idea of how some brands of resin can yellow over time, and show you which brands of resin performed best in my testing.

I hope this brings home to you the importance of picking a resin that has good UV resistance and won’t go yellow for your artwork.

The clear favorite from my testing was Mastercast 1-2-1 artworks resin. Its easy to work with, nice and thick and not too runny so its easy to make the colors stay where you want if you make a resin geode, cures very hard and doesn’t yellow in the sun. An all round winner.

If you want to look at some of the other resin options available, I have a resin price comparison page here, which lists all of the common resin brands in all of the available sizes with their current prices. RESIN COMPARISON PAGE

Resin price comparison pin - small

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