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Make crushed glass from dollar store glass vase filler nuggets

crushed glass 2.jpg

We all want to add a little sparkle to our resin geode art. Real gemstones and crystals can be expensive and the crushed glass you find in craft stores, and glass glitters come in small bags but not for a small price. There has to be a way to DIY the crushed glass yourself.

Good news – there is! It’s quick and easy and you don’t need a lot of tools to do it.  A pan for the stove, a lid, a bowl of iced water, an old cloth and a hammer. Best to have some safety glasses too, just in case.

Here’s how you can make your own crushed glass quickly and easily.

Get your glass nuggets here and smack ’em!

Check out my pictorial list of some of the nicest looking glass nuggets that would make amazing crushed glass for your resin geode art – glass nuggets for crushing.


Interested in more ideas for embellishments and sparkles for your resin geodes? Check out a list of some of my favorites here – resin geode crystals and embellishments.

4 thoughts on “Make crushed glass from dollar store glass vase filler nuggets”

    1. You can tape off underneath with some painters tape. Then the drips will collect and harden there, and can be pulled off with the tape when everything is set.


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