A passionate purple resin geode

I love rich and deep, bold colors so I've been keen to use these pinks and purples for a while now in my latest resin geode. I really love the combo of purple, black and silver and this was the perfect geode project to show off those luxurious colors. The central feature of the geode,… Continue reading A passionate purple resin geode


Making geodes geometric

{Scroll to the bottom for the video of this resin geode.} The accountant in me likes lines and order. Things should be neat, regular, in lines and columns, equal distance from each other and all in the same font. Ok, so perhaps the last one doesn't translate well to resin geodes, but the others could.… Continue reading Making geodes geometric

Resin basics, Tutorials

Fixing the lip on the edge of your resin

If you make a resin piece in a mold or frame, or even if you create a dam around the edges with tape or similar, you will almost certainly get a sharp, unattractive and unwanted 'lip' around the edge of your resin. This is from the meniscus effect where the resin holds on to the surrounding… Continue reading Fixing the lip on the edge of your resin