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Auditioning some colors for a resin geode

Let’s face it. Resin is expensive. If we make a mistake, and a piece is ruined or just doesn’t come out as expected, that’s a lot of money to waste. When I have a large project in mind, sometimes I will audition the colors on a tile and see how they work together.

Purple tile geode (2).jpg

That’s exactly what I did on this little piece. It’s a 6 inch basic white economy glossy tile from the DIY store. Cheap, small, and a nice easy stiff base to work on. My color scheme is black, white, gold and purple and I have a few different materials I wanted to try out.

Purple tile geode (8).jpg

The glass chips in this one are actually dyed glass chips used in jewelry making. They come on strings about 24 inches long so they do have holes drilled in them. I wouldn’t use them for a high-end piece, but for smaller pieces or more budget friendly, they work well. Unless you look closely, once they have resin on them, you really don’t notice the holes once they are part of the big design.

Purple tile geode (4).jpg

I used a purple color shift paint, my usual white resin dye and the black media acrylics from DecoArt to color the resin. The gold is a metallic pigment powder. I think the black and white were good, but the purple disappeared somewhat. I think I might need to either add more of it, or create a richer color. {Find links to materials under the video on YT}

Purple tile geode (11).jpg

Add in some gold and rich magenta glitters and I think the colors work together beautifully. Working like this on a small tile helps me to work out color balance, see which colors tend to become more dominant in the finished piece and adjust before I invest a lot in a larger piece.

It’s finished with some fine lines in black, white and gold.

You can watch this piece being made in the video below.

As always, I’d love your feedback  🙂


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