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Sparkling blue freeform resin geode

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWell, this freeform resin geode project had its ups and downs. It was somewhat successful seeing it was my first try, but there were some challenges along the way. I think in the end I am happy with the final result and it was what I was hoping to achieve.

This is what it looks like on the back.

The picture above is the back of the resin geode. This is the side that was facing the mat when it was created. The design is much softer, and I think in some ways actually more interesting than the front. Perhaps a bit more realistic for what an agate slice or geode slice might look like.


I used a mix of light blue acrylic gems and a mid-blue crushed glass for the center and covered them with clear resin so the center section is quite transparent. I poured the first layer of resin all at the same time, so there was quite a lot of blending and movement of the different colors where they met, and it didn’t create very distinct patterns or lines.


I did a second layer on top with some glitter, and still allowed the rings of color to blend, although perhaps not as much as the first layer. I didn’t add as much resin the second time so it didn’t move about as much.

When the second layer was cured, I added some lines using dimensional acrylic paint liners, and some glitter line writers. This helped to define the shape a bit more. Once those were dry, a third coat, this time clear, sealed in all the lines. This third layer wasn’t entirely necessary, but it made the piece thicker and stronger and it has a lovely smooth finish and shine.

The challenges

I found the silicone tube and gun very hard to work with. I’ve not got much strength in my right hand following my stroke some years ago and had a lot of trouble pressing out the silicone and keeping the nozzle steady where I wanted it. So the silicone dam I created wasn’t quite as neat and tidy and nicely lined up as I would have hoped.

It was also really sticky and messy to work with.


Once the piece was fully cured, it did come away from the silicone on the sides perfectly easily, however, it was stuck in one place to the silicone mat underneath and I ripped the silicone mat trying to get the resin piece off it. I also wasn’t able to remove the silicone sealant from the silicone mat – those two are fused together for life.

So in conclusion, it worked, I made a pretty nice freeform resin geode. However it wasn’t as neat as I wanted, and I ruined the silicone mat getting it off, so that was an expensive single use item. I also wasn’t able to reuse the tube of silicone.  Despite my best efforts in trying to keep it fresh for a second use, the silicone cured in the nozzle and it was couldn’t be used a second time. Again very wasteful.

It gave me a few ideas though of how to improve on this technique and I’ve already got plans for another in gold.


Free form resin geode or faux agate slice. Made of resin, glitter and glass. Site has great content and class for resin geodes. #resingeode #fauxagate


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    1. Not quite yet, I need to perfect a few techniques and practice some more, then I’ll be happy to share what I learned in a class.


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