A passionate purple resin geode

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI love rich and deep, bold colors so I’ve been keen to use these pinks and purples for a while now in my latest resin geode. I really love the combo of purple, black and silver and this was the perfect geode project to show off those luxurious colors.

purple resin geode

The central feature of the geode, the ‘crystals’ section is larger acrylic purple crystals plus darker tumbled and dyed glass chips around the outside. The acrylic gems help to really keep the weight down.  It would be much heavier if it were all glass.


I kept most of the layers of color separate with the exception of the purple and white nearest to the stones. I allowed these two colors to mix by pouring them next to each other at the same time, and then I blew the white into the purple with a straw. I then went the other way and blew the purple into the white. Nature did the rest and the two colors blended nicely.


For once, I tried to keep my use of glitter under control. I love glitter and perhaps have a tendency to overdo it? I suppose it all comes down to your individual preference. I really need to be able to sell my pieces to get some money back so I can continue to buy materials and make more. I thought a bit less glitter might be a bit more commercial. What do you think?


In the picture above, you can see some of the glitter, and do you see the tiny little silver beads along the edge of the purple? I found these in my local beauty supply wholesaler. They come in tiny bottles and are intended for use in nail art, known as caviar beads. It’s really popular here in the Caribbean, the ladies love their decorated nails. You can also get them in my Amazon store here.

Geode 29.6.18 1280-720

I think this one has become my favorite so far.

Want to make your own?

Don’t forget that I have a full step by step beginners online video class about how to make resin geodes. If you would like to make a resin geode like this, it’s really not difficult. I will show you how. Read more about the class here.

How to make resin geodes class


Resin geode. Rich purple resin geode or faux agate artwork. Created with resin and mixed media, acrylic, glass, glitter etc. Class on this site will teach you how to make your own resin geode. #resingeode #fauxagate #resinart

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