Making geodes geometric

{Scroll to the bottom for the video of this resin geode.} The accountant in me likes lines and order. Things should be neat, regular, in lines and columns, equal distance from each other and all in the same font. Ok, so perhaps the last one doesn’t translate well to resin geodes, but the others could.

In this example, I decided to try to fit a geode within a rectangular panel and give it a rectangular look. After all, our geodes aren’t supposed to look entirely real and natural. They are art, and art can be inspired by nature but doesn’t have to try to match it.


I used black, white, blue and silver colored resin and silver and blue glitter bands too. I wanted to try to keep the entire design within the boundaries of the panel. I used a 16 x 20 inch cradled birch panel from Jerry’s Artarama.


To delineate the shape, and to provide extra contrasting textures, the black around the edge is craft sand, glued to the board and sealed before the resin layers were poured.

I can’t make up my mind whether I like the way the resin had bled out into the sand or not…what do you think? I didn’t see any way to stop it without some sort of barrier that I then wouldn’t be able to remove.


The stones in the center are crushed glass nuggets (see my video here for how to make your own easily) and also some larger acrylic gems which I really like. They are a nice color, irregular shape and very lightweight so they don’t add much to the overall weight of the piece.


I added final details with lines in Posca pens in black, white and silver. It really is the linework that brings these pieces together I think, and draws the eye around the design.


Here is a video where you can see more about this piece. I hope you enjoy watching.


Resin geode. Wow, this is gorgeous. Beautiful video and photos in this article shows the details and you can take the tutorial on how to make them. #resingeode #geode #resinart


What do you think?

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