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How to fix flaws in resin

Video example and tutorial. How to sand out and fix flaws in your resin art and then recoat using as little resin as possible to perfect the piece so that the flaw cannot be found. Easy when you know how! Great video.

So something terrible happened. Maybe you touched the piece before it was fully cured, or a fly dropped in and was stuck, or a hair or even a bubble just under the surface. Or maybe, like in my case, your resin piece stuck to the mold and the silicone had to be scratched off the surface of the resin. Ouch!

Materials needed can be found here in an easy to use pictorial list.

No worries, we can fix it. Most flaws in resin are fixable providing they are on or close to the surface so that we can get to them by sanding. In this example, my flaw is on the surface and in a clear area where the damage can be very clearly seen. But with all those scratches on the surface, and now even more from using sandpaper, can it be fixed?


And will it cost us a lot of money to completely pour another coat? Don’t worry. I’ve got you. In this video I’ll show you how I repaired a real-life flaw in the resin and it’s as good as new, and didn’t cost me the earth.

Materials needed can be found here in an easy to use pictorial list.

Get all the materials you need here –>


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