Using mirror fire glass in your resin geode pours

There are SO many options when it comes to the types of embellishments and sparkles you can choose to add to your resin geodes. Some of them are more expensive than others. Some MUCH more expensive, especially if you get them in tiny pots and packages in the craft stores.

So I checked out of a lot of possible materials online and tried to work out which might be great value for money. I wanted a good range of colors, and sparkle too, and that’s when I came across this product – the mirrored or reflective fire glass.

Some examples of a few of the available colors. Click to see them all.

It comes in a great big bag or container of about 10 pounds, or about 13-14 cups. Enough to keep your geode habit happy for a long time. You can also get multi-colored mixes, so if you don’t want all the same color, go for one of the mixes of 3 or 4 colors and spend a bit of time separating them and then you have several different color schemes to work with.

Find lots of colors and mixes of the fire glass here.


I bought the copper and I love it. Here is how I used it. For scale, this is a 9 inch canvas panel. You can get the glass in different sizes so you can use it to scale if you like. I though this 1/4 inch size I bought was about right and would work for much larger pieces too.

Copper and gold geode (14).JPG

So if you want to get a LOT of product, or love the look of the fire glass, give it a try. I’m so happy that once I get a chance to order in from overseas again, I’ll certainly be adding more colors of this to my delivery.

Find lots of colors and mixes of the fire glass here.


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